Dan Peters

Guitarist • Vocalist • Lord Commander of the Night's Watch

Born in the hill country of suburban Chicagoland and raised by cannibals, Dan began pluckin’ a guitar at the tender age of 6 minutes and thus sealed his destiny as a penniless, obscure degenerate.

Although, along the way he did make many a friend and occasionally had a few moments of hope and glory (in his own mind.) You can often find Dan playing in saloons, hole-in-the-wall dives, honky-tonks, juke joints and parking lots all over the world as well as the occasional stadium rock tour and Broadway show.

Other credits outside of WSW include: Dee Snider's Rock 'n Roll Christmas Tale, Rock of Ages/Broadway Co., Blue Man Group Productions NYC, Kristin Chenoweth, Under The Streetlamp, Rocktopia, ReMastered and Jools Holland.