“Dan delivered a killin’ rockabilly-styled set and his stunningly rough-and-ready vocals”

Michael Molenda – Guitar Player Magazine

“The tone was great and switching gears like that was pretty stunning.”

Steve Vai – Guitar Superstar 2008

“one of the best I have heard”

Jerry Henry – Music Matters – The Planet Weekly

“The way you changed it up and pulled off your version of Eruption on a Gretsch, blew my mind. That was amazing.”

George Lynch of Dokken – Guitar Superstar 2008

“these 3 guys can rock it in an old-style roots fashion that transcends time and space”

Kathy Coleman – About.com

“The sound of the guitar and the piece, they came together. It was great.”

Joe Satriani – Guitar Superstar 2008

“they’re really guitar gods underneath it all”

Phil Edwards – Americana UK

“You got a great rock tone out of a Gretsch. I really enjoyed it.”

Elliot Easton of The Cars – Guitar Superstar 2008

If you like guitar heroes who are hard to pigeonhole, guys like the late Danny Gatton, the great Junior Brown, and the eclectic Jeff Beck, then Chicago’s Dan Peters really should be on your radar. Peters’ work combines rockabilly, blues, country, swing, surf, a little arena rock dynamics, and more than a bit of jazz flair. Peters lists just about every guitar player you’ve ever heard of, from hard rockers to beboppers (not to mention Charlie Parker), among his “influences.” He’s an omnivorous licks-meister, and gets plenty of room to shine in the three-piece mostly-rockabilly and blues band, The West Side Winders. Peters also ably sings and writes catchy original material for the Winders, but it’s his barrage of hot pickin’ that seals the deal.Tom Surowicz – City Pages – Minneapolis, MN newspaper Summer, 2011
Guitarist Dan Peters adds hearty vocals and pens all originals, wisely expanding soloing beyond the familiar Sun vocabulary and instilling remarkable, blast-force trio neo-rockabilly with modern sensibility. A whimsicality looms at times, a jutted jaw at others. Recommended Tracks “Little Doggies”, “Keep it in The Family”Rockabilly Magazine 2007
Dan was truly a skillful entertainer and blues master. His alluring performance and stage presence were very well received by the crowd. He swung his guitar over his back and displayed his strong rock influence in both his acoustic and electric acts.Pauline France – I Heart Guitar & Guitar World Magazine – King of the Blues 2009
…Online is where I met the West Side Winders, a Chicago surfabilly trio who live at the junction of Elvis Presley Boulevard, Reverend Horton Heat Street after taking a left turn at Dick Dale Drive. I listened to the Sidewinders, loved the Sidewinders instantly and ordered it immediately from cdbaby.com. On their new CD, released late last year, guitarist /vocalist Dan Peters, who sings about falling in love with waitresses, broken hearts, living on the road and taking life easy and having a little bit of fun, shreds on an old Gretsch guitar. Bassist Randy Riley, who has played with Survivor and Jim Peterik, sets down a blues walking old time rock n’ roll rhythm, while Joe Kunkel lays down an unstoppable beat. Way Down Low is just one of many tunes to make you want to boogie all night long I defy anybody to listen to the first couple notes of the first track The Girl at The Diner and try to stop the old toes from tapping. They’ll be tired toes by the end of this 39 minute listen, which ends with a wah-wah pedal drenched surfabilly meltdown, the Spooky Surfer. You just don’t appreciate the whole song on the two minute download. The Sidewinders smoke, the musicianship is impeccable. They have IT. And that is hard to find today.Richard Amery - Kenora Daily Miner and News, Canada