Randy Riley

Bass • Vocals • Warden of the North

Born in Germany and raised on the mean streets of Downers Grove, IL, Randy has continued to distinguish himself throughout his 200 years on this planet as something of a modern day renaissance man. In addition to bass and vocals, he is also an accomplished trumpet player, operates and owns several businesses, is obsessed with the color purple, Volkswagens and movies, has an insatiable appetite for diet Coke and never ever sleeps.

In fact, as this bio was being written, Randy worked a day job, ran sound for a summer festival, played 3 gigs and built matching desks and bunk beds for his 2 young sons.

In addition to WSW, Randy has also worked/performed with: Survivor, Chicago radio personality Kevin Matthews, the Olympic All American Marching Band and the Disneyland All American Marching Band.